Rina Wibisana
Social Media Manager

Meet Rina Wibisana, a talented individual with a diverse range of interests and skills. Rina holds a degree from the University of Pasundan in West Java, Indonesia. Her true passion lies in the world of baking, where she excels in creating exquisite cakes adorned with Batik decoration, showcasing her unique artistic touch.

Beyond her culinary talents, Rina is also an accomplished photographer who enjoys capturing the beauty of precious moments through the lens of her camera. Currently, she dedicates her professional expertise to Independent Can Company, located in Maryland.

Rina is happily married to Hilman Wibisana, and together they are proud parents of two wonderful children, Rakha and Zahra. During her leisure time, Rina indulges her passion for bike riding. Along with Hilman and a close-knit group of friends from the DMV area, they embark on exciting bike adventures, exploring numerous captivating locations together.

Rina’s commitment to her family and her culinary artistry, photography skills, and adventurous spirit make her an extraordinary individual with a zest for life.

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