Nurma Tipton
Funding Team

Nurma Tipton is a dynamic individual who has embraced various roles throughout her life. As a dedicated mother of two and a proud grandmother of two boys, the family holds a special place in her heart.


In 2000, Nurma relocated to the Washington, DC, area, where she immersed herself in the local community. She worked as a cashier at CVS while also perfecting her barista skills at Starbucks, gaining valuable experience in customer service and hospitality over a span of six years.


In 2006, Nurma and her family made the move to Baltimore, Maryland. There, she transitioned into the role of a newspaper contractor agent for the esteemed Baltimore Sun. In 2011, Nurma’s entrepreneurial spirit soared as she fulfilled her dream of opening a cafe in Baltimore. The cafe specialized in serving American brunch, reflecting her passion for cooking and providing delicious meals. Additionally, Nurma extended her culinary expertise to cater to her friends on special occasions.


Currently working as a packer at WBM Mason, Nurma sees this as a temporary arrangement while eagerly awaiting another opportunity to fulfill her vision of opening another restaurant. Her entrepreneurial drive remains strong, as she actively seeks the next venture that will allow her to showcase her culinary skills.


In addition to her journey in the food industry, Nurma has also ventured into the towing business, adding yet another dimension to her diverse range of interests and ventures.

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