Leli M Koencoro
Executive Director

Leli is one of the Founder of Srikandi Baltimore. Initially, she noticed how there are a lot of women within the Baltimore vicinity who have small businesses that have the potential to grow even bigger as they create such good-quality products or services. This thinking then came out in a discussion with a few other friends, and they decided to help other women in the area grow to their optimum potential so they could get amplified. Then Srikandi Baltimore was founded.

Leli was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, and she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. Her passion for architecture and design continues today, as she is now the founder and owner of Lema RE LLC, a global Real Estate solution company based in Maryland, USA. Leli started as a real estate salesperson in 2008 and became an independent Real Estate Broker in 2014. She later decided to join another broker firm, Smart Realty, as an Associate broker so she could still take care of her own company.

Leli married Haris in 1997, and together they have two precious children, Aldi and Baheera. The family relocated to Baltimore in 1999, and they moved to Columbia, Maryland, in 2002. Together, Leli, Haris, and their children love to travel domestically and around the world. Leli enjoys chick-flick drama movies in her leisure time, and something that she always says is, “Be true to yourself”.

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